What can apps learn from TikTok meteoric success?

The growth of TikTok’s user base has been outstandingBeyond its viral funny videos, the company is geared to become a shopping giant, a streaming powerhouse, and one of the leading communications platforms. 

The huge success of TikTok has seen dozens of apps embracing its distinctive style of an endless vertical scroll of short videos. Companies including Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and Facebook are drawing inspiration from the popular Chinese social app. What’s more, this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

For example, in August 2022 the Wall Street Journal reported (using Watchful insights) that Amazon was testing a TikTok styled feed for customers to browse the app. The feed, named “Inspire”, was subsequently launched in December ahead of the holiday season. 

We could argue that we are currently witnessing the “TikTok-ization” of many of the world’s most popular mobile apps. You can explore more about this “megatrend” in our brand new eBook, alongside other key trends that are bound to shape mobile apps in the coming months and years.

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