Product Intelligence for Competitive Strategy

Build a competitive framework based on what competitors are building for the future, not the past.

See what your competitors are working on, and how today’s ideas
and tests evolve into key features and new product releases.

Make strategic decisions with unparalleled foresight.

Uncover your competitors’ product roadmap

Watchful intelligence enables you to see upcoming features from inception, from early development and tests before products are released to market.

Identify upcoming market trends

See how your industry is planning to grow. Create a portfolio to define your competitive environment and analyze their aggregated product strategies and roadmaps.

Visualize your competitive landscape

Understand and see how your competitors evolve over time. See what they’re developing across different regions and devices for different target segments.

Continuous competitive intelligence

Get weekly alerts and reports on new competitor activities, from indications of upcoming features in development to screenshots of planned UI changes.

See your competition’s
A/B tests

Discover the features that your competitors are working on and uncover their roadmap.

Don’t just follow
trends, set them

Become a market influencer by always knowing what’s around the corner.

Create a confident

Discover data-backed opportunities, user flows, and features.

Speed up your
design process

Accelerate design ideation and usability testing.

“Watchful fills a gap. The intelligence provided allows teams to leapfrog to an optimal solution right away, rather than incrementally building our way there.“

VP Product

Top Fortune 500 E-commerce Company

“Watchful gives our team complete visibility into what our competitors are about to launch. It’s exceptionally strategic data that no other tool offers.“

VP Product

Top Fortune 500 E-commerce Company

“Watchful is crucial to our product teams, empowering them to react very quickly to the market, as our competitors move to create competitive advantage.“

VP Product

Top Fortune 500 E-commerce Company