An advanced way to gain product intelligence and competitive insights.

Watchful provides the measurement tools, industry benchmarks, marketing insights and competitive intel to gain unprecedented visibility into competitor activity.

Our team of engineers and analysts have created a new way to understand the digital landscape and visualize what your competitors are doing today, and planning for tomorrow.

Our Technology

Our advanced R&D capabilities are redefining digital competitive intelligence.

Watchful uses a combination of computer vision and flow analysis to identify and emulate app changes.

Our differential analysis engine compares the different application versions using real user data and proprietary computer vision algorithms. This is backed by our mobile device labs deployed around the world.

Next-Gen Business Intel

360 Competitor Performance View

Get ongoing reports, alerts and indication for tests and features in development. Watchful is at the core of the decision-making process of business, strategy and development teams that need to make informed decisions to shape their product roadmap.

Our capabilities to monitor and track activities across different devices, locations and personas gives our customers a broad view to understand user journeys and conversion funnels in depth - and make critical discoveries that helps them stay ahead of curve.