About Us

Turning product data
into competitive insights

Product analysis at a global scale

  • Watchful measures product activity and digital changes at scale, globally.
  • We use a combination of computer vision, ML algorithms, and flow analysis of publicly available data to identify and emulate app changes.
  • Our proprietary technology is continuously tracking differences by device, OS, and location around the world, across user personas.

Your advantage

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your competitors' digital products.
  • Assess your level of innovation, efficiency, and creativity by comparing your digital products, marketing, and product assortments to those of your competition.
  • Gain insights from both successful and failed experiments of other competitors.

The Watchful platform

  • Continuous Intelligence: automated insights on competitor activity, performance and changes across their user flows.
  • Competitor Alerts: be the first to discover product updates and experiments surfaced by our platform.
  • Consultative Approach: tailored reports and in-depth briefings from our analyst team to solve your specific business challenges.

Responsibly Sourced Data

Our insights never interfere with data privacy or data protection issues. Watchful insights rely on publicly available data, as seen on apps and websites, with the ability to run deep digital analysis at scale. We don’t rely on anonymous user panels and get full consent for any data collected, compliant with local and national laws.