Marketing & CRM Competitive Insights

See how your competitors market to their customer segments through CRM, email and online campaigns.

Visualize the combined marketing efforts
and campaigns of competing apps and websites.

Uncover your competitors' marketing tactics.

Analyze competitor marketing efforts

Get the full view of what your competitor's digital marketing campaigns & flows look like. From the emails they’re sending customers to the ad campaigns they’re being targeted with.

Understand how different user segments are targeted

Leverage competitive insights on how other companies in your industry are segmenting, targeting and promoting to their customers across devices, regions and markets.

Create winning marketing strategies

Gain an edge to position and differentiate your marketing campaigns with full knowledge of how your competitors are promoting their products.

Campaign monitoring across your competitive landscape

Ongoing monitoring and updates to stay on top of new campaign launches as they happen. See their aggregated efforts across their full marketing calendar.

See every touchpoint on your competitor's user journey

Identify your competitors' CRM logic so you can understand their marketing strategy and adjust your roadmap accordingly.

Intel on competing marketing campaigns

Capture campaigns that reveal marketing strategy, customer segmentation, and special offers or promotions.

Visualize competitors' marketing calendars

Outperform competitors with data on their CRM strategies, alongside insights on their upcoming product and marketing roadmaps.

“Watchful fills a gap. The intelligence provided allows teams to leapfrog to an optimal solution right away, rather than incrementally building our way there.“

VP Product

Top Fortune 500 E-commerce Company

“Watchful gives our team complete visibility into what our competitors are about to launch. It’s exceptionally strategic data that no other tool offers.“

VP Product

Top Fortune 500 E-commerce Company

“Watchful is crucial to our product teams, empowering them to react very quickly to the market, as our competitors move to create competitive advantage.“

VP Product

Top Fortune 500 E-commerce Company