Bloomberg: Watchful Data Shows X Is Testing ‘Adult Content’ Groups for Users

WSJ: Amazon Wants You to ‘Buy Again’ - New Feature discovered by Watchful

The most important trends shaping
the mobile app landscape

Product Intelligence

See what your competitors are testing

  • Gain visibility into competitor A/B tests
  • See features in dev & testing phase months before they’re released
  • Don’t be caught off guard by new releases
  • Accelerate design ideation and usability testing
Product Benchmarking

Equip R&D & Product with Performance Benchmarks

  • Benchmark your performance compared to your key competitors, improve user experience
  • Benchmark loading times by device and location
  • See where you stand with industry & category rankings
Marketing Intelligence

Uncover your Competitors’ CRM Strategy

  • See how your competitors’ communicate with customers in app, on site and email
  • Stay on top of promotions, email campaigns and more
  • Analyze their marketing calendar & CRM strategy over time

Get alerts about new features being tested or in development