2024 Mobile Megatrends: The Rise of Family Accounts

The quest to widen user bases, garner more subscriptions, and boost transactions has birthed a significant trend: the proliferation of family accounts. Granting family access to services like Uber or DoorDash isn’t just about convenience; it’s a strategic move for businesses, aimed at scaling up order sizes and transaction volumes.

In our previous MEGATRENDS report, we highlighted the integration of parental controls as a means for adults to monitor their kids’ activities, particularly within social networks. Back in 2022, Watchful unearthed Snapchat’s development of a Family Center—a safety measure empowering parents with insights into their children’s interactions on the app.

New Discoveries From Watchful Insights

Fast forward to present day, Watchful insights reveal Discord, the popular social gaming app, testing a Family Center Feature. This tool provides parents a window into their teens’ Discord usage while safeguarding teenagers’ privacy. Parents gain access to limited information, such as recently added friends, servers joined, and messaging or calling activities.

The transportation sphere is also embracing the concept of family accounts. At Uber’s annual “Go-Get” event in May, the company unveiled an array of products targeting a new demographic—from teens as young as 13 to families seeking account connections. Watchful insights further highlight Grab’s plans to introduce a family account feature. This offering promises a worry-free travel experience, facilitated by in-app notifications to the admin, enabling rides booked with a shared payment method.

What to expect in 2024

Whether through account sharing, group subscriptions, or bundled discounts, apps in 2024 are poised to continue expanding by catering to the immediate circles of their existing customers. Much like the family plans offered by Netflix or Amazon Music, apps are seeking to boost revenues by providing tailored deals to families. Watchful customers are always first to see these insights, and have witnessed numerous discoveries on our platform over 2023 which unveiled numerous tests, features in development and indications for leading apps doubling down efforts to create or expand family accounts.

As we march ahead into 2024, anticipate an upsurge in apps vying to enhance user experiences by bridging gaps within family units. Through shared accounts, collaborative subscriptions, and family-centric incentives, apps are revolutionizing accessibility and forging stronger connections within their user communities.

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