2024 Mobile Megatrends: Building & Upholding Trust in Apps

In today’s digital landscape, the rise of AI, bots, and automation has brought a looming issue to the forefront: trust. How can we be certain if a social media post was crafted by a human? Are those online reviews genuine or fabricated? When engaging with customer service, are we chatting with a person or a bot? These questions underscore a growing trust crisis. 

At Watchful, we are the first to see and report how apps are stepping up to tackle this problem head-on by investing in problem reporting tools. Harnessing the collective wisdom and goodwill of their user communities, companies are mobilizing their users to combat malicious activities. We have discovered dozens of new features and tests via Watchful insights which specifically focus on this area. As a result we are certain that in 2024, many apps will make a concentrated push in this direction.

For instance, X (formerly Twitter) is currently testing a new ‘Reports’ tab prominently featured in its side menu. This move aims to make reporting a more integral part of the user experience. Watchful insights reveal that X is also in the early stages of testing a page specifically designed for reporting illegal content within the EU. Given the constantly evolving regulatory landscape, more feature updates aligning with new laws are expected throughout the year.

The realm of problem reporting extends beyond social media. Emerging US marketplace app Whatnot is testing the addition of a ‘User Reports’ section on its ‘Menu’ page. This empowers users to easily report any issues encountered with sellers, from inappropriate behavior to selling counterfeit goods. For digital retailers and marketplaces directly engaging with customers, effective problem reporting is crucial in curbing risks associated with deceptive sellers.

In the ever-evolving world of apps, ensuring trust and safety remains an ongoing pursuit. As we move through 2024, expect to witness a concerted effort by apps to reinforce trust through proactive measures, creating a safer and more reliable digital environment for all users.

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