New Marketing Intel: Understand how competitor apps keep users hooked.

Monitoring competitors’ digital marketing campaigns is getting harder. The growth of personalization is changing the game rules. Especially when it comes to mobile apps, since companies have more user data on subscriber habits than ever before.

Today’s opportunities to specifically target cohorts based on multiple metrics such as their location, device or usage, also brings new challenges. Marketing teams can design effective hyper-targeted communications and CRM campaigns to increase engagement and conversion. As a result, with so many small pieces of an increasingly fragmented puzzle, it can be extremely hard to track competitor activity.

Watchful Marketing Intelligence: A Different Approach

At Watchful, we believe that competitive intelligence isn’t something that needs to be done periodically. An annual report on competitor activity is no longer sufficient with the current pace of innovation. Executive teams need ongoing intelligence to be able to react fast and iterate on their marketing strategies more swiftly.

This is why we created our marketing intelligence, which updates and alerts teams on competitor marketing activity. Our platform analyzes the push, in-app, and email campaigns across different regions, devices, and operating systems – giving an unprecedented picture of how your competitors’ cohorts and personas are being marketed to.

Understanding the digital marketing from your competitive ecosystem

Watchful platform provides marketers and executive teams with competitive insights across three different digital marketing channels:

1. Email Campaigns: Cross-sell, up-sell, and retention.

Staying on top of your competitors’ email campaigns is key. Seeing the different designs and analyzing their content will help you assess your competitors’ strategies. It is essential to measure the objectives of these emails, whether they aim to promote a new product, cross-sell or provide an offer.

The Watchful dashboard gives you a way to see, manage, and analyze all competitor email communications in one place. You can segment emails by location, device, or OS of the recipient. In addition, you can see which emails are sent to subscribers, non-subscribers, and premium customers – for apps and websites that have multiple customer tiers. Instead of getting ad-hoc competitor emails forwarded from colleagues, Watchful systematically stores and displays all emails on our platform, making it easier to analyze aggregated data.

2. In-App & On-Site: Promotional Banners, Pop-Ups, Hero Promos

Apps and websites exploit their digital real estate with multiple in-app banners and pop-ups to direct users attention toward relevant promotions, offers or features. Analyzing how this real estate is managed is essential to understanding user flow within competitors’ apps and websites.

Looking at all the in-app and on-site promotions side by side on Watchful platform gives a clear understanding of what your competitor’s focus areas are. Are they using in-app banners to promote a subscription plan? A customer satisfaction survey? A seasonal promotion? Having this ongoing visibility on how competitors evolve their messaging with different user cohorts will help your marketing team understand what matters most to your competitors.

3. Push Notifications: triggers for immediate conversion

Registered and/or paying users are special customers when it comes to marketing. In addition to being a key audience, because they know and use a product, they can also be targeted through push notifications – a valuable marketing tool that is one of the most disruptive to trigger immediate action.

Watchful Platform enables you to see all the push notifications received by registered users, which are often linked to timely promotions and other enticing hooks to trigger immediate conversion. With push notifications being easy to deploy, having ongoing access to how your competitors react to opportunities (i.e. seasonal weather changes), will give you the knowledge to immediately see your competitors’ tactical campaigns that aim to seize last-minute opportunities with customers that could be yours.

4. Paid Ads & Search (Coming Soon)

Watchful customers will soon have access to paid ads and search campaigns. This data will help them complete the 360 view of their competitor’s digital marketing arsenal.

Understand your competitor’s target personas and user cohorts

With personalization and hyper-targeting, the different marketing channels are converging to create more meaningful and effective campaigns for users. Email marketing, SMS campaigns, in-app messages, and push notifications are working in sync to promote offers, cross-sell, show new products, improve loyalty, increase engagement, and convert.

Watchful unique value proposition lies in the ability to analyze and monitor across multiple personas, which you can predefine based on multiple variables such as location, device, user type (i.e. subscriber, premium, etc), operating system, and more.

Being able to systematically access this marketing competitive intelligence, and share it with marketing and executive teams is what sets Watchful apart. This wealth of knowledge, which is updated daily, gives marketing teams a real edge to stay on top of their competitors’ marketing initiatives – with an unprecedented level of visibility, granularity, and simplicity.

If you’d like to see how Watchful can help your organization uncover your competitors’ digital marketing strategy, get in touch here. Our team of expert analysts would love to chat with you.