Unleashing the Power of Watchful Mobile App Performance Measurement & Benchmarks

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, speed is paramount. The exponential growth of customer expectations and the widespread use of smartphones have intensified the demand for superior mobile experiences. As a result, a significant competitive divide is emerging between brands that prioritize mobile speed and those that lag behind. This blog post explores the significance of speed in mobile user experience, sheds light on the challenges of measuring and benchmarking mobile performance, and highlights the transformative capabilities of Watchful, a cutting-edge mobile performance measurement solution.

The Impact of Speed on User Experience:

A comprehensive study conducted by Deloitte titled “Milliseconds Make Millions” demonstrated the profound impact of even a slight improvement in mobile speed on business outcomes. Analyzing data from 37 retail, travel, luxury, and lead generation brands across Europe and the US, Deloitte found that a mere 0.1-second enhancement in site speed led to substantial gains. Retail consumers spent nearly 10% more, while lead generation and luxury consumers exhibited increased engagement, with page views rising by 7% and 8% respectively.

Challenges in Mobile Performance Measurement & Benchmarking:

While mobile-first companies and app developers acknowledge the importance of speed and performance metrics, they often struggle to identify performance bottlenecks. Several challenges hinder their efforts:

  1. Tracking In-App Events: Managing multiple devices and app versions makes it challenging to identify underperforming in-app events critical to the user experience.
  2. Integration and Orchestration: Developing an efficient system to identify and report performance issues in a timely manner poses a significant challenge, requiring complex integration and orchestration.
  3. Lack of Industry Benchmarks: Without industry benchmarks, comparing performance against market standards and rival apps becomes impossible.

Watchful Mobile Performance Measurement tools were designed to address these challenges and empower leading mobile apps with comprehensive insights into their performance metrics. As a fully-managed solution, Watchful eliminates the need for customers to navigate complex integration and orchestration hurdles or create and manage their own mobile farms.

How Watchful Works:

Watchful employs a robust product analysis approach that measures a variety of events linked to user interactions and grades them based on the user experience. By continuously monitoring and analyzing these events, such as cold launches, checkouts, and critical conversion funnel flows, Watchful enables timely reporting and alerts for key performance metrics and subevents. The platform tracks and analyzes network utilization, API calls, package size, memory usage, data transferred, and data received. It also provides visual representations of user flows, allowing for head-to-head comparisons and the identification of issues and bottlenecks across different personas, devices, and locations.

Unparalleled Performance Benchmarking:

Watchful sets itself apart by offering real-time speed measurement and advanced performance benchmarking capabilities. Unlike other solutions in the market, Watchful provides performance benchmarking for multiple apps across various regions, devices, and configurations. It offers a managed service, eliminating the need for customers to procure and manage server farms in different geographic locations and automate data gathering.

The implementation of Watchful has yielded remarkable results for customers, significantly enhancing their performance and driving tangible business outcomes. A leading publisher in the APAC region, with over 60 million mobile users, experienced accelerated UX performance by adopting Watchful. By replacing tedious manual measurements with Watchful’s AI-driven solution, the company streamlined UX performance deliveries and established a centralized data source for all performance teams. The publisher achieved performance measurement standards across multiple app teams, leveraging Watchful’s dashboards, reports, and email notifications. Through Watchful, the publisher analyzed the performance flows of their own Android and iOS apps, as well as competitor applications. 


The impact of even the smallest improvements in mobile speed on business results is significant. As brands continue to recognize the importance of site speed and mobile performance, Watchful remains at the forefront of the “speed revolution,” enabling businesses to monitor, optimize, and elevate user flows across their entire organization. 

Watchful unique ability to measure speed in real-time and benchmark performance at an advanced level sets it apart from other solutions. Its fully-managed approach removes the complexities of integration and orchestration, allowing businesses to focus on optimizing their mobile experiences without the hassle of managing their own mobile farms. By leveraging Watchful’s comprehensive insights and benchmarking capabilities, brands can not only enhance user engagement and conversion rates but also gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.