New Ebook: Unmissable Mobile Megatrends for 2023

What are the biggest trends for mobile developers in 2023?

What can app developers learn from what the world’s most popular apps pushed over 2022?

If you are a mobile developer, product strategist or want to learn more about the space, we created a report that clearly outlines the biggest and most influential changes across mobile apps. Leveraging Watchful insights, we have unearthed key changes by looking at new features, tests and changes across the world’s most popular apps.

At Watchful, we see thousands of feature updates, tests, and changes across thousands of apps. The new year brings us an opportunity to take a birdseye approach to analyze what are significant trends which we saw repeatedly across apps over the past year. These megatrends are a powerful way to understand which new tools, features, or strategies have been repeatedly used and tested by the most successful apps in the world.

Within this free report, you will find key areas generating a paradigm shift on how apps are used:

  • The TikTok-ization of mobile apps
  • Focus on Safety & Privacy Features
  • Explosion of voice & audio
  • Merging physical and digital worlds with AR
  • Mobile payment revolution

In each section, the eBook showcases some of the most incisive tests, changes and examples to illustrate how the leading apps have evolved over the course of 2022.

We hope you find this new eBook insightful and enlightening to help with your mobile strategy in 2023.

Get your copy of Mobile Megatrends in 2023 here.