Meet the Watchful Team at NRF’s Retail Big Show in NYC

Next week we’ll be at Retail’s Big Show in NYC to show retail teams responsible for mobile how to gain competitive insights on what successful apps in their ecosystem are planning, developing and testing.

As retailers find new ways to grow their mobile strategy and improve their apps, product insights and competitive intel are crucial. With some of the world’s biggest online retailers using Watchful as a source of intel for their development and product teams, this event brings an opportunity to showcase how Watchful insights can help retails develop a more successful mobile retail strategy – with unprecedented knowledge on what leading apps are testing and developing as part of their future roadmap.

For example, back in August unveiled early tests of Amazon working on an “Inspire Feed” which wasn’t launched until December. This discovery of an early test didn’t only become global news (featured on WSJ, TechCrunch, AP and dozens of global outlets), but is a great example of how our technology discovers ahead of time some of the biggest tests, features, and plans before they go live.

Our insights give retailers that want to be on the cutting edge a huge advantage, with updates and alerts on what key players or competitors within their ecosystem are planning to launch in the future.

If you want to supercharge your mobile strategy with market intelligence, we’d love to show you how Watchful works and what it can do for your product and strategy teams. Discover what your competitors are planning and get insights that will put you on the fast track to success.

Save your spot now, and meet our team at the event.