Global Food Delivery Apps in 2023: Keeping Up With a Market Evolving at Lightning Speed

The online food delivery market has exploded over the past decade. As new entrants emerge attempting to capture market share, existing food delivery apps will need to become increasingly sophisticated. As a result, poduct & development agility are becoming paramount to stay ahead of the game

To keep customers loyal, apps within the food & delivery space are evolving at an unprecedented rate. The speed of the market is accelerating the pace of innovation. It is astonishing to see the speed of the development cycles and the volume of new features and changes. Compared to other B2C app-first industries, the food delivery space is evolving at ligthnning speed.

This is why we created a brand new report to look at the top Food Delivery apps’ agility and speed across many factors, from app performance to speed of feature releases. By analyzing 8 popular apps around the world, this report will help you benchmark and understand the ecosystem. You will discover the pace and scale in which key players are investing in Product Development to remain competitive. 

Keeping up with the competitive landscape is tough. Companies in the space are on a frenetic race to make better, faster, and more intuitive apps to become the “go-to” food delivery app. Because of this, today’s customers can be easily swayed by alternatives that bring a better experience, features, or offers.

We hope to give you enough insight to help answer the question: is your team efficiently equipped to keep track of the innovation happening in the food & delivery space?

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