Global Food Delivery Apps in 2023: Who has the most agile product and engineering teams?

What’s the impact of development speed and agility on innovation? How do you know if an organization’s R&D development cycle is ahead or behind industry standards? Can product releases begin stalling as teams and organizations grow too fast?

Our new report on Global Food Delivery Apps looks into all these questions and many more. Ultimately, we want to help readers understand the pace of this fiercely competitive market. With these insights, leaders can ultimately see if their teams are efficiently equipped to keep track of the innovation happening in the food & delivery space.

Doordash has the fastest R&D Cycle

The new report focuses on 8 popular food delivery apps. An interesting discovery is the number of updated app versions they release over a period of six months. On the chart below, we can see that most companies are in the same range. The median is 23 version releases over the past 6 months. This makes sense as it would correspond to a weekly release (there are 26 weeks in 6 months). 

One notable exception is US market leader DoorDash. The company released 34 new app versions over this period. This means that their R&D cycles are very fast, and the company is trying to gain a competitive advantage by releasing new app versions every 5-6 days.

What’s next for the industry?

Loyalty from restaurants and customers is diminishing, and they will switch to the app that better suits their needs or offers them the best deals. While a decade ago the apps that entered the market early had a big advantage to quickly gain market share, the landscape has completely changed. 

With most features being commoditized and successes quickly replicated among competitors, gaining an edge through a better customer experience will require unprecedented levels of product creativity and engineering speed. 

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